Contact Lenses

We fit a wide range of soft contact lenses using all the major contact lens brands. Lens modalities available includes daily disposables, two-weekly replacement, monthly replacement, and extended wear (sleep-in lenses).


“There are obvious BENEFITS in contact lens wear, such as for convenience, better vision and freedom in sports, wider field of view than glasses, and UV protection.”




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What does the contact lens trial involve?

Initial assessment

  • Examination of the ocular surface

  • Corneal measurements

  • Discussion and advice on lens choice

  • Application of trial lenses

  • Assessment of vision and fit of lenses



  • Insertion and removal technique

  • Lens handling, care, and cleaning

  • Contact lens do's and don'ts


Follow-up appointment

  • Review fit of lens and vision

  • Refinement if needed




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The cost of a contact lens assessment is £30. This includes your free trial lenses, solutions, contact lens cases, and check-ups during your trial period.




Can children wear contact lenses?

There is no minimum recommended age for contact lens wear. Wearing contact lenses requires responsible wear and care of lenses so the suitability of lens wear in children depends on the motivation and independence of your child. Please feel free to discuss this with our Optometrists during the sight test if you would like some professional advice.




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