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Dry Eye Clinic

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Dry eye assessment

Stinging, Tender Lids, Watery, Burning, Irritation, Gritty, Watery, Swollen Lids. Do you suffer from any of theses symptoms? If you do, we have a solution for you.


Our practice currently runs a dry eye clinic to help alleviate symptoms in patients who suffer from dry eye. There are different causes of dry eye, so thorough investigation of the underlying cause is necessary in order to manage and treat the symptoms.

Dry eye assessment involves the use of specialist diagnostic tests and hence it requires extra chair time with our optometrists for a more detailed assessment than a normal NHS eye test.  

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What does our dry eye clinic involve?

Initial assessment:


The first visit can take up to an hour. It includes a comprehensive examination of the front surface of your eyes, specialist assessment of your tear film and lid margins. Your optometrist will give you their advice and a bespoke care plan to treat your dry eye. You will then receive step-by step treatment instructions from our ocular hygienist.


Follow-up appointments:


This allows us to check the progress of your treatment and the degree of improvement in order to fine tune your treatment whenever necessary. Further appointments are scheduled if needed.

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