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Eyewear Accessories

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Magnifying Glass

Visual aids and magnifiers 

Visual aids and magnifiers to aid the visually impaired and for specific occupation or hobbies that requires vision for fine detail.

Spectrum Thea

We officially stock products from Spectrum Thea, who specialises in providing preservative-free ophthalmic products for Dry Eye, Lid Hygiene and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction along with a range of Eye Nutritionals to help protect vision.

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lenses spray cleaning

Lens cleaning spray

Look after your glasses with a good microfibre cleaning cloth and lens cleaning spray. This helps to remove dust, dirt and smudges on your lenses without scratching your lens.

MGDRx Eyebag 

MGDRx Eyebag is a reusable warm compress treatment for dry eye, blepharitis and meibomian gland dysfunction. It is a convenient, safe and effective treatment and it can also be used in treating eyelid inflammation, stye and chalazion. We are an official stockist of MGDRx Eyebag.

MGDRx eyebag
Sports Accessories
Sports Accessories

Other accessories available in-store include sports strap, spectacle cords, prescription swimming goggles, safety eyewear, and clip-on sunglasses.

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