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Designer Frames & Lenses

We stock an extensive range of designer frames with fantastic prices to suit everyone. We are also proud to offer the latest lens design and excellent quality lens coating to tailor every individual need. 

At Hazel Smith Opticians, we guide you through the process of choosing a frame and ensure that the chosen frame suits and fits well on you. We provide professional advice on what lenses suit your budget and lifestyle. Below is a simple guide on some lens options available at our practice.


Transitions or Photochromic Lenses

Transitions lenses adapt to your lifestyle by adjusting to different shades of tint from clear indoors to dark outdoors. Available in grey and brown. Provides 100% UV protection.


High Index Lens

This is used in moderate to high prescription to give a thinner and lighter lens. This improves cosmetic appearance and optical performance of the lens.


Multiple Anti-reflection (MAR) Coating

MAR coating enhances vision and appearance of glasses by reducing reflections and glare. It also includes a scratch resistant coating that extends the life of your lenses. 


Polarised Tinted Lenses

Polarised lens eliminates blinding glare, improves contrast and visual comfort. They are beneficial for water sports and driving. Provides 100% UV protection.


HOYA BlueControl

BlueControl coating neutralises blue light and hence reduce eye strain and fatigueness with the use of visual display units such as computer screens, TV, smartphones and tablets. It also reduces glare for a more comfortable and relaxed vision.




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